U.S. Treasury – Bureau of the Fiscal Service
 -Tech Support Services of Payment Management Systems and Data Analytics Support (GSA MAS WOSB set-a-side)

On this single award BPA, CSS is the prime contractor providing technical expertise and support in payment management processes, payment management operations and maintenance (O&M), and secure payment management system development, implementation, and deployment. In addition, working with the Payment Integrity Center Of Excellence (PICOE) we provide data-analytics support, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in support of multiple efforts which include fraud detection. Our extensive use of Data Analytics and BI solutions are performed across multiple platforms such as mainframe, Greenplum and AWS.

State of Maryland

CSS is a Master Contractor on the Maryland CATS+ (Consulting and Technical Services+) contract. This vehicle enables the State government to procure information technology (IT) consulting and technical services in a timely and economical manner. Through CATS+ the State has a flexible means of obtaining IT resources quickly, efficiently and cost effectively through the issuance of task orders and requests for resumes.

CSS Projects Include:

 -Motor Vehicle Administration

On this 5-year task order awarded in 2018, CSS provides data analytics and business intelligence for the Maryland MVA utilizing BI tools such as WebFOCUS. Our team works closely with the businesses to determine requirements for reporting and then implements those requirements into meaningful reports and dashboards. In addition, we work closely with other vendors to implement Data Warehouse and reporting database architectures and strategies.

 -Enterprise Budgeting System (Small Business Reserve (SBR)

On this 5-year task order CSS supported system development life cycle activities, including requirements specification and development of acquisition documents for products and services, as required to modernize Maryland’s Enterprise Budget System (EBS) capabilities. Specifically, Team CSS provided personnel who applied appropriate skills, beginning with Technical Project Management, to complete data and operational requirements, and supported development of EBS-related requests for proposals and supporting acquisition documents. Team CSS augmented services to include Functional Project Management; Quality Assurance Management; Project Administration; Data and Systems Architecture; Financial Systems Analysis; Personnel Systems Analysis; Technical Writing; and Implementation Planning through a formally coordinated Work Order process at the request of the State. This work included interacting with State Agencies to capture their requirements, gathering lessons learned from other States who implemented similar systems, and supporting market capability and implementation best-practices research.

 -Department of Education – Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center (MLDSC) Support

CSS designed and created dimensional data model for Synthetic Data Warehouse (SDWH) for education and workforce data comprised of star schemas based on nine research subject areas. We developed custom extract transform and load (ETL) programs and processes using Oracle PL/SQL to load data from the MLDS Center ODS, documented high level data flow diagrams and source to target mappings for the SDWH, created data dictionary for the SDWH dimensions and fact tables, identified and documented any data issues or anomalies found when loading SDWH from the ODS.

 -Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

CSS provided Data Analytics and Business Intelligence support for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A)

CSS provides Oracle Database support including coordinated database deployments, security patches, installation, creation, administration, and upgrade of Oracle 12c RAC databases on both Oracle engineered systems (ODA and Exadata) as well as standard Solaris servers and VM’s. This includes the installation and configuration of the Oracle Grid Infrastructure (GI) as well as the underlying ASM storage. The IPPS-A project database configuration consists of both multi-tenant (container) databases as well as standalone systems. CSS is involved in all aspects of database administration on this project.

Department of Justice (DoJ)

CSS provides Oracle and SQL Server Database Support on this project for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. This includes database deployments, configuration, tuning, backup and recovery and data migrations from Oracle to SQL Server.