Project and Program Management

Our Project Managers (PM’s) work closely with you to define your business needs, requirements, and risks. CSS has a track record of delivering the desired and expected results on time and within budget using proven project management processes.  Our PMP-certified project managers employ work structures and methodologies that deliver the results that justify your investment: 

  • Identify and manage risks from start to finish 
  • Utilize the correct methodology for the project (i.e., Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid) 
  • Identify and include process stakeholders early and throughout the project 
  • Achieve upper management engagement 
  • Define and manage project scope/requirements 
  • Manage and track project progress and status utilizing appropriate tools 
  • Assign responsible parties to specific tasks 
  • Ensure deliverables meet or exceed users’ needs and expectations  
  • Provide quality using our defined CMMI and ISO 9001:2015 processes