Custom Software Systems, Inc. is proud to be an integral part of the U.S. Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Service Payment Integrity Center Of Excellence (PICOE) Team, who worked in collaboration with IRS and FEMA to support applicant and decedent identity and eligibility determinations for its COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program.

This partnership resulted in prevention of $41.4 million in fraudulent payments and identification of $6.3 million for further investigation. The IRS and Fiscal Service partnered to convert 70.2 million payments from check to direct deposit with a 99.6% accuracy rate, through use of Fiscal Service‚Äôs AVS and Cross-Government Data Analytics, avoiding $33 million in check production costs. Additionally, the IIRS and Fiscal Service expanded use of services and solutions to mitigate fraud, identity theft and improve customer experience through its Taxpayer Protection Program (TPP) Identity Theft Treatment (IDT) stream. As a result of this partnership, over $3 billion that had been flagged for suspected identity theft was verified and released to payees. Congratulations to our CSS folks Brian PichlerDavid WalshLou DiPaoloJohn Horton and the entire PICOE Team on your 2022 Service to the Citizens Award.

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